The Joy of Babies!!

This last weekend I reached a total of 214 complete NICU Survival Kits delivered. When I started this project I had no idea what was going to happen or where it was going to go. It has been so successful. I am amazing at all the help and service I have received from so many. Many of those who have helped I know well, others I don’t know at all. It has been so neat to meet so many new people through this project. I am so grateful for the sweet, kind hearts so many people have. These kits are truly just a little something to help comfort the parents while their precious little one is in the NICU. It isn’t much but it is a little something to help them smile during a difficult time. Thank you to all who have donated to this service project! I can’t thank you enough! Anything goes a long ways. 

This past weekend when I was at one of the hospitals delivering NICU Survival Kits. I was in the labor & delivery hall waiting for a nurse. There was a family standing off to the side. They were all filled with so much joy and happiness. I could over Hear some of what they were saying. They were talking very highly of the mommy that just gave birth to a big healthy baby boy. They were so proud of how well she did. They were so proud of the baby and how well he was doing. Everything that came out of their mouths was extremely positive and uplifting. I don’t know who they were but while standing there I could feel their warmth and happiness. It made me want to join in on their conversation and tell them how excited I was for them on the new addition to their family. That families excitement was contagious. I left the hospital thinking how wonderful & precious life is. Babies always bring so much joy!! 

This is s picture of Kolston when he was just born. It is always such a neat experience when you have a baby. It’s such a beautiful thing.  


My 1st News Interview

My news interview aired last night and will air again today. As I was anxiously waiting for it to air on the TV. I had all sorts of emotions going through me. I was nervous, excited, anxious. My stomach was in knots.  I still couldn’t believe that I was going to be on the News. Still soaking it all in.  

Here is the link if you are interested in watching what my NICU Survival Kit project is all about.

Please email me at if you are interested in helping out in any way or donating items. 



Donations piling in!!! 

I am so grateful for the help and support I have been receiving to make my non profit service project a success. Thank you to all who have been helping in some way!!!




A special thanks to all that have donated and helped with these items. 

My mom Julia, my sister Niki, my daughter Jaeya, my nieces Emmy & Scarlett, Aunt Teresa, Aunt Pattie, Aunt Becky, Aunt Christine, cousin Bonnie, Gracie H., Michelle S., Amanda H., Alison S., Beth C., Cheryl K., Mackenzie M., Amber S., Michelle S., @dixie+twine, @sistersuedollies

The Summer Family NICU story

A few weeks ago I was able to go and meet these two, mother & daughter. This was the first time I was able to meet mom and baby while dropping off A NICU Survival Kit. It was so neat to chat with her and see her sweet little one. So glad her baby girl is all better and doing well. 


“After a very long couple of days, a hospital visit and another doctors office visit later we were admitted to EIRMC. I had recently found out from a previous dr visit that my 4 week old baby girl tested positive for RSV.  I was told to take her home and gave a list of things to watch for and in worst case scenerio take her to hospital if I noticed any of the signs. Which she never ended up having, but I just didn’t feel comfortable being 1.5 hours away from hospital with a brand new baby as sick as she was, so 2 days later we ended up back in Idaho Falls. When we arrived at hospital they were already expecting us and had a room all ready.  They quickly checked her stats and was put on oxygen right away, her oxygen was steadily dropping and was already in low 70s. She was also very dehydrated and was hooked up to IV fluids. It was all a scary process to me because I felt utterly helpless. When I had previously brought her in to dr appointment I was so anxious to get her to dr office for her appointment that I didn’t think to grab anything but my diaper bag with my wallet. When we were admitted I had figured we would only be in hospital 1 day, maybe 2 at the most. So, I thought I’d make do with what I had. We live out in Leslie, Idaho (by Mackay) and my husband had taken a weeks worth off of work to watch our 4 other kids at home and wasn’t able to come into hospital during that time due to school and various activities kids were involved in. It ended up being a lot longer stay than I had ever imagined. We were there 7 very extremely long days. This is why I was so touched by a complete stranger showing up at my door with the cutest little bag full of things both me and my baby desperately needed. It was nice to have someone to visit with and who also showed concern for me and my baby. She was truly heaven sent and I am so grateful for her service and the help she provided for one emotional, exhausted mom and her new baby. It came in so useful and we just wanted to say Thank You!”



Cameron Family NICU Story

 This amazing lady received one of my kits about a month ago when her son was born.  She contacted me wanting to donate fabric to this service project. Her & I realized after messaging back and forth that we both grew up in the same stake in  Phoenix, AZ. I thought that was so neat! Such a small world. This is her sharing their NICU story.  

Our story: Desmond was born at 2 pm but he didn’t come out crying. He didn’t cry at all. He was breathing but he was having a hard time. The nurse was patting him, hoping he’d give out a loud cry and clear his lungs but it never happened. Desmond was taken to the NICU right away before I even held him. 

He was diagnosed with TTN (Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn). There was still fluid in his lungs that should have been expressed during delivery. That night at 1 am he was stable enough for me to hold him for the first time, using kangaroo care. TTN is suppose to resolve on its own in a couple days but Desmond’s lungs got infected and he developed pneumonia. Over the course of his stay he was on oxygen, had a feeding tube, was given 3 iv’s and then a PICC line, and had a bili blanket. Day by day he improved and I was able to hold him more often. Eventually we started breast feeding and helping him learn to latch. Finally, after 7 days that felt twice as long, we were able to take him home. 

My time spent in the NICU was filled with reading, eating and holding my baby when I could. Receiving a survival kit helped with the necessities and was touching, knowing someone was thinking of us.

 Right after being born  

Moms first time holding him  

Dads first time holding him  

Home at last!! Welcoming baby Desmond home!! 

Third delivery of NICU Survival Kits

so this past week has been crazy busy! I didn’t get a chance to call the hospitals until Friday morning to see how many kits they were in need of. I contacted each hospital and got numbers of kits they were in need of. After talking with them I added the numbers and I needed to get 38 kits ready for delivery. I wanted to take them either Friday or Saturday but that wasn’t possible. I put as many together as I had stuff for. So to complete the kits I needed to go to the store and get a few more things. I kept thinking to myself “How am I going to do this and get the kits to the hospitals on Saturday?” I had went to a women’s conference Friday & Saturday called “Time Out For Women” It was amazing! If you ever get a chance to go, GO!! It is so uplifting and refreshing! So after I got home from the conference I still had 28 kits to compile and put together. By this time it was 5pm on a Saturday 😁. I told Andrew my husband I needed his help putting kits together so we could get them delivered either that night or Early Sunday morning. We decided we were going to take them that night. So we called out niece Brooklyn to come over to watch the kids so we could finish putting the kits together & go deliver them to the 3 local hospitals. 

We delivered them to the first hospital and it was neat because we were able to take them right back to the NICU and we were able to chat with a couple of amazing nurses. They were telling us how amazing the kits are and how the parents are so grateful for them. They said the parents can’t believe they are free and for them. It was nice to talk with them and get more feedback on what the parents thought of them. 

We then took them to the other 2 hospitals and they were very grateful! 

I delivered a kit to the PICU to a family in our ward who was so grateful that we came to visit them and see how they were doing. 

It is very important for families that have a loved one in the hospital to know others care and are thinking of them.  

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has helped out with this project in any way!! I am always in need of help!! It could be by donating items, donating fabric, sewing blankets, hats, stuffed animals, putting kits together, cutting out the tags, stuffing stuffed animals, cash donations, keeping me company while working on some of these items. Please contact me if you would like to help!! You can email me at  

Organizing kits and putting tags on them

Shopping for the rest of the items I needed. (Thanks to cash donations for making this posible!!)

It gets a little wild when compiling and organizing kits

Kits all ready to be delivered

My amazing niece Brooklyn watching the kids while we were putting kits together. 

KIDK 3 & Fox 5 News Interview with Todd Kunz & Team!! 

So about a month ago I got a message from an amazing lady, Gracie Hargraves. She doesnt know me & I don’t know her. We have been starting to get to know each other since starting this “NICU Survival Kit” service project. She has been donating items regularly to it. She had asked me if she could let her friend at the news station know about my project. I of course told her,  “yes, that would be anazing!” So a few weeks ago I get a message from the Producer telling me that they are interested in interviewing me about this project. About an hour after I responded to the message I got a call from Todd Kunz the Executive Producer and he interviewed me on the phone and then asked if they could come to my home and interview me for the news. I was exstatic! I was so excited, but since talking to him on the phone any time I thought about it my stomach would feel like it was tied in knots from nerves. I was pretty nervous about it. It was the opposite of nerve wracking though when they came & interviewed me. They were so friendly, kind and made the experience very pleasant. There was no need for me to have stressed and been so nervous about it. It will air on April 8th & 9th. 

I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to be interviewed. This will definitely help spread the word and raise awareness of the importance of this project. It is a difficult time for the Parents and guardians that sit by the bedside of their loved one in NICU’s, PICU’s, & ICU’s and other areas of the hospitals. These kits are to help comfort the parent while they are in the NICU with their sweet little babies, and help them know others care and are thinking of them.

Being interviewed by Todd Kunz about the “NICU Survival Kits”  service project.

Showing them where I organize and assemble the “NICU Survival Kits”

I got a BIG surprise at the end of the interview. Mountain America Credit Union donated a $500 cash donation to the project. It is an amazing thing they do for those who are serving & helping those in their community. They call it Paying it Forward. It will help out so much since this project is based off donations. It is successful because of the donations we get in. Thank You Thank You!!!